Gambling Winnings Tax Withholding

The IRS requires nonresidents of the U.S. to report gambling winnings on Form 1040NR. 
Such income is generally taxed at a flat rate of 30%. 

Non-residents may file a tax returnand in a lot of cases claim this money back.


Whether you’re playing poker, hitting the slot machines, or trying your luck at the casino, one thing’s for sure: winnings are meant to be enjoyed. But if you’re a non-resident without a social security number or an ITIN number, the process can get a bit complex. The casino might withhold 30% of your winnings and send it to the IRS as a withholding tax – but fear not, we’re here to assist.

Our expertise extends to international tax intricacies. We specialize in optimizing tax strategies for non-residents, ensuring you keep more of what you’ve won.


Secure the Casino Form:

If you win and the casino withholds a portion, keep the form they provide. It's a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Submission and Refund:

We'll send the signed documents to the IRS. Within a few months, you'll see your money coming back to you.

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